Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I hate everything

Sometimes, when I feel to empty, I will start to hate everything. Not everything actually but some of it.

I do hate when I saw my not-so-enemy( the people I hate doesn't know the truth that I  hate them actually) success.  Getting interview for you know what makin' me hate her more. I clearly don;t have the real reason but I actually in deep of envy. I hate when seeing her happy face.Going for interview then post in Instagram so not like it.

 For the truth  actually, she's done nothing wrong to me. She's completely innocent but later I will forget about when I'm not alone anymore.

Next, I do hate my entire life when I become so bored with my daily routine. I feel that all I did in my life was so wrong.Everyone wants to blame me. How I feel I wanna shoot them one by one to make my heart satisfy.

I don't know when people will start seeing me doing the right thing. 

Then, I also start to hate how stupid I am to fall for the guys. I want to forget them everything about them.They just rubbish to me.The most less important in my whole damn life.

By the way, I start to throw every useless memories not to the sea but to the Hell I guess

Later, I feel I wanna throw the papers that makes my life misery. Each those papers contain my damn problem.

I want to run away from this damn life. Run to somewhere I can be myself, somewhere people don't live there,somewhere that people can't find me, somewhere people don't have to blame me anymore, somewhere people don't have to bother my life,somewhere people don't have to show off and the most important somewhere people doesn't exist except me. The place must be look so awesome and everything already was there and all I just do is stay there.Don anything what I want and nobody is there to say something.Wearing the dresses I like. And I will never worried anymore

I' ll free from everything that connected to negative things.

That's my dream life but It's only just a dream.

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