Tuesday, 21 January 2014

One of One Directional

Hey there, I just visit someone punye blog neh..What should I say?! Amazing , daebak, WOW,or nothing?The winner is NOTHING!!! Congratulation ! You just win a match!! Neh, nope..he done a great job. Well, his popularity kinda daebak..Actually, he just a smart boy who seeks for true love..How`s my words? Good enough like him? PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW...XD!!! Do you know this mysterious guy I`ve been talking to? He is my ex-schoolmate, classmate n so on..What interesting about him is determination he had. I`m so sorry that I had to say good about him. I can`t say bad things to him although he used to do bad things to me. He just seek someone to fill the empty inside of his heart..Now, after I`ve gone through his blog..I understand.If I`m not crazy,I can feel his loneliness only it just me?? Okey, let`s just say he`s lonely and need terribly true friend..But to me he will survive. He`s genius and I BET he can save his life.He loves One Direction !! Okey, so what? right? He`s a bright student anyway and always shine although sleeping in the class.He used to be fat(sorry) but his determination and inspiration made him change himself. His inspirational is  a girl.Well, that`s explain something anyway.He never knew when to give up.Finally, he always success to shine by himself ! Do you believe it? Trust me, BASED ON TRUE STORY..