Sunday, 18 November 2012

i hate you girl!

Come on! I know it`s gonna be a new year for the next year and of course new drama, new story and new blaaaaa..whatever urggg.......Guess what? I really hate those facebookers, you know those who love to update their status everyday! In a nutshell, those who are addicted to facebook, what i wanna say is cut this crap and get a life,man!!! I don`t give a damn hell if your life is facebook cuz your status makes me feel exaggerating and annoying.You know what this person is a girl and she should have a real life not a virtual life! You`re making me sick,girl! Everytime I opened my facebook,there willl be your status and so blaaaa...and one`s more, ohh..please!! I know you`re so damn lucky to have two guys in your life and a really DAMN LUCKY LIFE but please don`t too show off you`re trying to having an affair with someone that is working as a leader...and I really don`t give a damn care if you`re with another guy who`s been schooling in another school cuz that`s not my problem, know what you`re really looks like a desperate girl who wants to have a boyfriend.Oh,come on, you cheap ass lady! i DON`T CARE if you`re my friend cuz I`m sick give a fake smile in front of you, you ass!! Oh please take me to another place where I won`t able to see her again.I`m totally sick with her so sick!!!!!Just go to hell,you asshole!!!