Friday, 27 July 2012

which one?

assalamualaikum and salam ramadhan! it`s been a long time I had not update my story.It`s nothing but I miss to write something.Today is about missing someone and want someone.The person that I totally damn miss is someone who flew away far from here.The only left was memories with him.He helped me to change myself to be a better person and be a girl.He`s brutal ones but at the same time,he could be a nice guy(please! i won`t say `sweet guy`,ewwwww!)Everything about him was already become part of history and the history repeats again! Now,in earlier month,I had a crush toward someone and he`s one of my seniors.I don`t know how but what can I say? I`m kinda easily to fall in love with anyone who can melts my heart. You know what he did to me till my hells over the head? He`s just reply my smile and I started to questioning my feelings.The next guy was a new incomers...maybe I`m the one who perasan kot because I feel that he`s watching me padahal   other people kowt...Who knows?So I decide to myself that, just keep dreaming about the one that got away and I probably could let those fottiti feeling fly away.....thehehe.Ciao,guys and wassalam!