Sunday, 29 April 2012


time flew so fast..

today is already sunday and i only have about maybe 15 hours to go back to the hostel.I don`t know what i may face later..but  i totally scare to face the future...i may facing a lot of happiness or trouble i just don`t get it...what i really wish for is freedom..a freedom that the spm ex-candidate feels right now..when i got the freedom that i want and obtain the result,i may wanna go far away from any of my batch student...except my friends.Why should i do that?because they all remind me bad and happy memories that i will never forget.So by staying away from them i may get a new life and can start a new happy life.I still don`t know and i still not see it what was left was hardworking!!!

i know i was wrong...

this is what i `d being kept inside of my heart for so long since we befriend...tell me why i cannot get rid any boys inside my mind while befriend with you??Because you always with the boys.You know what?When i`m befriend with the other friend of mine why i don`t feel any boys presence?at that moment,let them rot in the hell! i should say..Other than that,i notice that,you are intead to befriend with other HOTSTUFF when you`re in fb.By that time no more me as friend inside your mind because it happens that i become a stranger.Now that i can see is you are intend to be a POPULAR and SENSATIONAL and not to mention the HOTSTUFF,ehh??why you wanna be that kind of person??your face resemble a humble and shy person but yourself seems shows something that different..Next,you are desperate to be loved by a guy,you know???You`re kinda lucky cuz yours were in front of your eyes.Guess what??Don`t make yourself such a stupid and naive person although you are not like that...The other reason is maybe i`m` jealous...what did you want is also what that i want and i found out that you had that advantaged than me and you get what you wanna in your life...If you wanna say more,let talk about this at school and i never regret what i`d being written here....

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Friday, 27 April 2012

a story i like to be told...

salam to all the has been so long i haven`t tell any story but now i do have story to be told...the story begins...this month i finally fall for someone and i could forgot the one that got away....and my life seems a little  perfect because of someone that i fall for...he`s just one year older than me and i know more one thing that..he`s kinda good guy,focusing on studies but there was one fact that i never expect....he`s actually start putting his eyes on someone one of my batch friends...and this was already happen about a year ago while at that time i`m still in sense of belonging to the one that got away....and when i found out about the heart devastated..totally devastated cuz that girl ain`t no beauty and moreover she`s much prettier than me...and so from now on i start to stop wishing for him....

Friday, 6 April 2012

some words

cute words


Fuhh....finally alas home and i managed to escape for a while from that sort of hell....everything at there almost making me crazy...just this week everybody seem made me angry.....argghhh..i almost became the red hulk(maybe) =P You know what?? i`d been a lot of under pressure...such as being funny stuff,being late,mad at someone,exam is getting near..the mid-year exam./ "fun"!!! If i had chance to manipulated time,i surely did..and of course i`ll change everything that stoping my way...hahaha..whatever!There was a guy named mukhlis and he always transform himself into a dragon.Why i called him that??because he loved to say whatever he liked..including mocking people...LOL=P i wish he sees this cuz i "love" somebody to reads about themselves!!Mukhlis!! this is for you,my "dear"!!!