Tuesday, 29 May 2012

missing someone..

hey guys..about a few weeks ago..i heard about his coming to penang...n i really wanna meet him but it seems hard coz i don`t know when he`s about to come so other than that nothing anymore..i really miss him and i don`t know why..in fb he seems quite and not a lot response he shows...but now in my mind,there is question in my head,where is he right now??? If i seen him just once in this year,that`s enough for me already..if i was guven a wishes right now,one of my wishes is to meet him.I just wanna hear his voice and looking at him and talk to him...he`s special guy and I know i`m nothing but having him in my life makes my life better than before...creating a fairy tales in my life..I wish i could meet him and stand in front of me..

Friday, 18 May 2012


hey..it`s me again...back to my own space!yeahrrg!There are so many things that happen just through my life..and it`s flew away just like that in front of my face...like mid year exams for two weeks!!!and now  finally free..just for a few days or weeks i don`t know what to say else...for today also,i heard that somebody is gonna come back here to take care of something..guess who??well you know bout it....so,till here i would like to say..