Friday, 6 April 2012


Fuhh....finally alas home and i managed to escape for a while from that sort of hell....everything at there almost making me crazy...just this week everybody seem made me angry.....argghhh..i almost became the red hulk(maybe) =P You know what?? i`d been a lot of under pressure...such as being funny stuff,being late,mad at someone,exam is getting near..the mid-year exam./ "fun"!!! If i had chance to manipulated time,i surely did..and of course i`ll change everything that stoping my way...hahaha..whatever!There was a guy named mukhlis and he always transform himself into a dragon.Why i called him that??because he loved to say whatever he liked..including mocking people...LOL=P i wish he sees this cuz i "love" somebody to reads about themselves!!Mukhlis!! this is for you,my "dear"!!!

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