Friday, 3 August 2012

talking in the middle of mornings

assalamualaikum n gud middle in the mornings! I just wanna talk about somebody I hate but in the same time I`m confius whether I like him or not..It`s just seems that I have some delusion problems.Why I hate him?Because he`s seeing another girl and just set me up!Sometimes if I ever see his face I really want to `stupify` him or `experliamus` him.He really made me furious cuz I thougt he was innocent but somehow I was blinded with his looks.He is a leader and he must not have any scandals just like the new leader ones.Why must the guys that I likely had a crush on must have their own taste?( I mean`their girls`)I`m so unlucky girl who had a dream to be love by a guy.Actually,all of this can just be a castle in the air not more than that.Now I determine to lead a simple life  with a minimum love story(don`t know if it does exist) Get on with a simple and sound but this only can be happen if I stay at home...ciao!

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