Thursday, 23 August 2012

i seek your forgiveness

hey guys!Being a long time i did`nt update cuz i don`t have mood to tell ya..Now im in the middle of the story...Gosh! i hate facebook! Sometimes it makes me feel envy to own friends.This is crazy  but true.It shows that im not a good friendly person instead it`s like im nobody.That`s true im nobody but sometimes i feel envy to her because she had a good relationship with others while im not.Living in the school is like im became worst.My bad intention always in my mind.What should i do???And that`s way im scared to go back to hostel where i have to risk everything that uesd to be safe and lost everything,rite?I really want to be a good person and i really meant it.I know i can`t be an angel and at least people care about me or don`t know me.I really  don`t want people hates me.If i`d being given chances to move from this world,i bet i want it so badly.I just wanna people forgive all of my sins and forgive me.Please forgive me for what i have done towards anyone in this world.

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