Saturday, 7 December 2013


Actually, I want him to response on my facebook profile. Somehow, mine was not so attractive and awkward if he ever like for my status and so on.Yes, I think he ever notice the gossip so he tried to stay  far from me. Fine!! I understand..I`m weird to you. What do you want me to do and of course if I asked it of course I`m the one who had the problem about it. Yes, he will say what is wrong with me and I`m the one that get the shame. Why I feel so jealous? Oh no! Not that I have feelings towards him. It`s just...I can`t stand to see..the ambitious girl knowing you more than I do. I do not like that ambitious girl, whose controlling everything! I don`t care if the one who deserve it are on what they are deserving.  Just looking at that girl taking everything that beyond her needs was outrageous anyway! Feeling sick of you looking at you! Congrats to you because you could be friendly to everyone! You could be the one for everything! Nice job ,girl and sweeeeeet for you, boy.

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