Saturday, 26 January 2013

oh my twitter!

What is going on with my twitter??!! When I can`t open my first twitter I made a new one and when my second twitter going first twitter can be re open...what the heck is going on??I know I keep open and close for several times till it becomes swirling around and this is not gonna happen on me! Now, I have two twitters..great to hear, huh?? In fact I become more furious and I almost sick with it.....what did I do till it unable to open my twitter,huh??? I`M SICK OF IT!! I`m terribly sorry for becoming addicted for a while...So sad.....=( It`s totally challenging.....arghhhh....still my chemistry homework I`m unable to touch it yet....fuhh..tired I think.......Please twitter....don`t you ever break my heart again!!

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