Monday, 12 March 2012

so looooong! baby...`s such a long time i did`nt say anything in my blog..a lot of things happen so fast in my life..such as exams up 1,birthday someone,my birthday,and much more...i still remember how i`d longed to go home rather than sitting inside that miserable hostel.I also said i rather jumped from the building just to go home...But when finally i went home, i forgot a lot of things especially my clothes that still hangs at the ampaian and when i went to see it,i found it missing but i don`t find it..such weird i did`nt do that...Plus I also swear that i don`t wanna sms with any guys such as Syakir... cuz i`m already repent..hahaha..what i`m gonna do with them  anyway???such fussy...

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